Who are Abortion Rethink?

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A new Parliamentary Petition (as of July 2018) against attempts to bring damaging abortion law which does not consider the real needs of women to Queensland has been launched.

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Welcome to Abortion Rethink!                 

We're a community driven Collective of professionals, Medicos, lawyers, MPs, policy makers and women seeking to improve care for pregnant women by impacting abortion legislation around Australia. 

Since we became involved in this space, we've                                                                                     assisted MPs, held Parliamentary Panels and information session, collected women's stories, interviewed Medicos and sat with Australia's elected representatives as they considered legislation that directly impacts women. 

Now, we call all to move forward and promote legislation that supports the very best holistic and evidence based care for women experiencing unplanned or problematic pregnancy. 



Queensland's current abortion law was recently referred to the Queensland Law Reform Commission by the QLD Australian Labor Party. Public submissions to the Commission closed on 13 February. You can download Abortion Rethink's submission here. 

The Commission is due to report by 30 June 2018 (although they may report earlier) after which it is predicted that a bill based on the Commission's report will be introduced to the Queensland Parliament. 


Australian Summit on Abortion Law Reform: Building the Case for Care 


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A 'Launch of Love'

 Our 2018 Campaign Launch on 14 February 2018 (yes Valentines Day!) saw a unique Love based launch outside Queensland Parliament House, with a fresh cut single rose delivered to each member of Queensland Parliament along with a 'Save the Date' for our Abortion Rethink Summit on Saturday 17 March. (Official invitation and more details coming soon!)


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If you or someone you know is facing an unplanned or problematic pregnancy, then do not hesitate to get in touch with Priceless House.



Galaxy surveyed Queenslanders on Abortion: download the results here.

new opinion poll of a representative sample of 1,001 Queensland voters by leading market research firm YouGovGalaxy, conducted online from 6 to 8 February, 2018, was commissioned by the Australian Family Association and Abortion Rethink.

The data from this research is highly reliable, with a 95% probability that the figures are correct within a 3% plus or minus variation.

Seventy-six percent of Queensland voters believe that abortion can harm the physical and/or mental health of women.

Twenty-six percent of Queensland voters know at least one woman who had an abortion as a result of pressure or coercion from another person.

Sixty percent of Queensland voters would not allow abortion after 13 weeks. Seventy-three percent oppose abortion after 23 weeks of pregnancy. Only 5% support abortion until birth.

Ninety percent of Queenslanders support free independent counselling, and 86% support informed consent requirements - believing that a woman considering abortion should receive information on the development of the unborn child, the nature of the procedure, the physical and psychological risks associated with abortion and the support available should she wish to continue with the pregnancy.

Eighty percent of Queensland voters believe there should be a cooling-off period of several days to ensure the woman is certain of her decision.

Sixty-seven percent of Queensland voters support parental consent requirements for girls under 16.

Sixty-five percent of Queenslanders support conscientious objection provisions for doctors and nurses, including the right not to refer for abortion.

Eighty-five percent of Queensland voters are opposed to sex-selective abortions, with just 6% in favor.

The community is divided over abortion laws, with 19% being of the belief that the law as it currently stands is not restrictive enough and 36% thinking it is about right. This means that overall 55% of Queensland voters either believe the law should stay the same or be stricter.

2018 Abortion Executive Summary

Thank you to the all people who attended one of #abortionrethink rallies at parliament house:

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