Take Action - Qld

1.Contact your MP

Make an appointment now to visit your state MP.

Please contact your state MP’s electorate office now to make an appointment to see them on the abortion issue.

If you can’t get an appointment to see your MP, then please write him or her a letter. Ask your MP to vote against any Bill to decriminalise abortion.

Ask your community leaders such as educators, doctors and ministers to encourage their contacts to take action now on preventing this bill, by visiting or writing to their MP.

Please urge your friends and family to do the same.

Unsure which state electorate you live in? Click here
(type in your home address in the Search address field on the map of Queensland. Then look up the contact details of state MPs here to find your MP and ask him or her to vote against any Bill to decriminalise abortion. Click on the drop-down menu at the top right of the list of MPs to go to View All (Sorted by Electorate).)

The most effective way to write a letter to your local state MP is in your own handwriting (as long as it is legible) and in your own words. Please mail this to his or her electorate office address.

See this page for a complete guide to writing to or visiting your MP. There's lists of points to make, tips for arranging a personal visit, resources on abortion and a summary of the May 2016 Galaxy poll  'What Queenslanders Really Think About Abortion.'

- Sign the new Petition

The second petition is now closed with tremendous success! The biggest Parliamentary e-petition in over 5 years! 


3. - Come to our events!

Abortion Rethink holds regular Community Mobilisation Events where Queenslanders can gather to share their concern for the women of Queensland. Get equipped, empowered and informed. Share your thoughts with other concerned Queenslanders and receive assistance with writing a letter to your local Member of Parliament. If you don't live in Brisbane, you can even host your own event!

Keep an eye on this page for upcoming events. Events are also announced on Facebook and Instagram

4. - Donate

To directly support women at their most vulnerable, donate to Priceless House. Priceless House walks with women through every stage of their journey from pregnancy and beyond, supporting women in whatever choice they make. They provide practical physical, medical and educational aid and free counselling. Donate here: pricelesshouse.org.au/support-us
Donations to Priceless House of $2 or over are tax-deductible.

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Let our politicians know that Women Deserve Better Than Abortion.