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Antler Gold begins exploration at Ufipa

Antler Gold has started exploration work at the Ufipa gold project, an Antler Gold PG project (press release dated March 24, 2022).

The company is also pleased to announce its participation in an initiative that will provide post-graduate students from the University of Zambia School of Mines the opportunity to gain on-the- ground mineral exploration experience on a real-world exploration project, in partnership with RES PRIME.

Antler Gold highlights

  • Ubendian Belt potential: Antler’s Ufipa Gold Project, covering 473,627 ha, offers significant exploration potential in the unexplored western extension of the Ubendian Belt, a region gaining prominence for hosting substantial economically viable gold deposits.
  • Antler is exploring this extensive district-scale opportunity, making it an attractive prospect for major mining companies in this promising gold-rich region.
  • Educational Initiative: The company is collaborating with the University of Zambia School of Mines and RES PRIME to provide practical mineral exploration experience to post-graduate students from the university, enhancing their skills through on-the-ground involvement in real-world exploration projects.

Christopher Drysdale, CEO of Antler Gold, commented:

“As we embark on our first exploration program at the Ufipa Project in Zambia, we are committed to uncovering its potential while also making a positive impact in the region where we operate.

“Our approach is grounded in two fundamental principles of exploration targeting: firstly, the best chance of discovering world-class deposits lies in exploring areas with known world-class deposits; and secondly, the largest deposits are typically found in the early stages of exploration. These principles underpin our area-selection strategies: the ‘Elephant Country’ approach and the ‘First Mover’ strategy.”