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Sustainable Building Workshop

Sustainable Building Workshop

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The manufacture of concrete is responsible for around 6% of global CO2 emissions.

This workshop explores the use of low carbon alternatives to concrete and other commonly used building materials. It makes full use of CAT’s unique collection of sustainable buildings and also covers the basic material properties commonly required in building design.

Key Info

  • Duration 90 minutes
  • £90 per session up to 12 pupils
  • Suitable for Key stage 2 – 4, A level with enrichment activities
  • Focus on STEM subjects
  • The tour involves access to the outer CAT site and suitable footwear and outdoor clothing is essential suitable for practical work
  • This activity can be extended by linking to other construction workshops such as bridge and straw bale building

Workshop overview

What happens:

The workshop begins with a guided tour of the sustainable buildings on site. Pupils are encouraged to think of the different material properties required for building. They are then introduced to low carbon footprint alternatives to more commonly used materials and the concepts of embodied energy and legacy.

Pupils get to handle and sort various low-embodied energy materials followed by a practical activity with rammed earth – the Sheppard Theatre visited by the pupils visit on-site has the highest rammed earth walls in Britain, made using 320 tonnes of graded earth!


The workshop takes place on the main CAT site.

Skills and Curriculum Links:

The Sustainable Building workshop enables pupils to:

  • Gain insight into the factors affecting material selection in building design
  • Become familiar with the concept of ‘embodied energy’ and the legacy issues that arise at the end of a buildings life
  • Gain practical experience of making structures from rammed graded earth

Enrichment Activities:

This workshop can be extended by linking to other building activities.

Building with Earth

  • Suitable for A level.
  • Can be offered as an introductory session (2 hours) or a longer workshop
  • Pupils will help to construct a form and work together to build a rammed earth wall using traditional techniques
  • Introductory session £140 (up to 15 pupils)
  • Half day workshop £280 (up to 15 pupils)

Bridge Building

  • Tailorable for a variety of age groups from Key stage 2 – 4 to A level
  • Duration 90 minutes
  • £60 per session (up to 20 pupils) for table top bridge activity
  • £240 per session (up to 12 pupils) for large-scale wooden bridges (half day)
  • All bridge designs are tested to destruction
  • Great team building activity

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