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WEBINAR RECORDING: Unpacking Cabin Air Standard ISO 23875

Improve operator alertness, create a safer work environment, and increase productivity!

ISO 23875 is an international standard for a consistent approach to designing, testing, operating, and maintaining the air-quality systems of operator enclosures.

Adoption of the requirements and test methods outlined in the standard, protect personnel inside operator enclosures.

To gain more insight, download: Get Ready… for Cabin Air Standard ISO 23875 webinar, proudly brought to you by Trysome Auto Electrical Engineering, and Sy-Klone International.

Panellists Douglas van der Ruit, New Business Development: Africa – Trysome Auto Electrical Engineering (Pty) Ltd.); Luis Fernandez, Sy-Klone Global Account Manager; and Jeff Moredock, ISO Working Group Lead, delve into the requirements, best practices, and information to achieve sustained quality in the design, manufacture, performance testing, use, and maintenance of the operator enclosure air-quality control system, and unpack the following key talking points:

  • Increased filter efficiency requirements: A filter that meets more stringent evaluation criteria, typically an ISO 15 E or higher efficiency, ISO 35 H HEPA filter, is required in ISO 23875-compliant cabins in mining.
  • Maximum allowable CO₂ level: Ambient CO₂plus 400 parts per million
  • Fresh air and recirculation system requirements: Maximum respirable particulate matter concentration of less than 25 micrograms per cubic meter of air at start/end of decay test, with a maximum of 120 seconds delay time.
  • Established cabin pressurisation levels: Operator enclosures must maintain minimum pressurisation of greater than or equal to 20 Pa, even when the HVAC is turned off.
  • Real-time operator cabin monitoring: Monitor must include an audible alarm for CO₂ and pressurisation to alert the operator when levels go beyond the permissible threshold.

About the panellists:

Jeff Moredock

Jeff is the International Project Lead for three ISO standard initiatives. He serves as the Convener of ISO Technical Committee 82 – Mining – Working Group Nine. Under Jeff’s leadership, in 18 months the 27-member working group, representing 10 countries, developed ISO 23875, an international standard for operator enclosures- air quality control systems and air-quality performance testing.

Luis Fernandez

Luis Fernandez is the Global Account Manager at Sy-Klone International. He has 24+ years of Global Sales & Marketing Management experience, in Energy, Marine, O&G, Mobile & Industrial markets, based on various solutions, products and services considered technically complex throughout a variety of companies and sectors.

Douglas van der Ruit

With 30 years’ experience in sales and marketing and 15 in the mining industry, Douglas is celebrating 10 years at Trysome. He serves as the air quality specialist at Trysome and is passionate about safety and health of workers and solutions to the industry to provide clean air and add value to clients.

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