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Webinar Recording: The Connected Mine – Accelerating Technology Adoption for Sustainable Mining

This webinar will showcase how automation solutions for the mining industry can help increase operational efficiency

WEBINAR RECORDING: Developing sustainable roadmaps for the lithium and copper mining industry

On 20 July at 10:30 am SAST, Rockwell Automation and Mining Review Africa will host a Webinar on how integrated systems and scalable analytics enable improved mine-to-market visibility and allow for better decision-making to build and operate more efficient and sustainable lithium and copper mines.

Webinar: Metal management and reporting optimisation technologies drive greater operational efficiency

Join Rockwell Automation, Start Services and Mining Review Africa as we explore this topic - and share how new technologies are revolutionising asset, production, and inventory management by automatically aligning data from disparate sources, disparate time-references, and disparate systems.

Machine learning for predictive control in minerals processing

“While basic control provides adequate control in terms of plant safety, it rarely achieves optimal control in quality."

Webinar: Modernise your mineral processing power and analytics

Rockwell Automation's Pavilion8® Model Predictive Control increases throughput, lowers reagents consumption, improves recovery, optimises water and energy usage and improves process stability.

Digitization in Africa – mines have no need to panic

Digitization may hold the key to unlocking greater value from mining operations but brings with it challenges for third-world countries.

Technology needs to be a business value

Implementing digital technologies such as automation in the mining industry is rapidly changing from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’.

Industry collaboration to revolutionize open pit dewatering

Turnkey dewatering specialist Carl Hamm, together with Solrock Mining Services will introduce an innovation to revolutionise dewatering in open pit mines.
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Is Africa ready for a digital future?

What does digital connectivity mean for Africa’s industrial and economic development? Rockwell Automation Sub-Saharan Africa MD Barry Elliott considers the possible impact of the Internet of Things in Africa. Will automation, artificial intelligence and robotics...

Rockwell Automation secures contract for Letlhakane mine tailings project

Rockwell Automation has been awarded the contract to supply low and medium voltage equipment and automation solutions for one of Debswana’s projects at its Letlhakane mine. The project is known as Letlhakane Mine’s Tailings Resource Treatment...