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Postcards from the future

Postcards from the future

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What do you think the world might look like in 10 years’ time? 

Part of CAT’s work is thinking about what the future could look like – how might global warming affect our lives and the lives of others, and what can we change to create a world that’s better for people and wildlife?

Can you write yourself a postcard from a zero carbon world?


  • Pen
  • Postcard sized paper (15cmx10.5cm)
  • Your imagination and your wisdom


1. Imagine a new world

Begin by imagining what your life might look like after global warming has changed it. How has the landscape changed around you? Are there other changes too? What about the food you eat, the way we travel, where we go on holiday, what we wear? Have we adapted to clever new low carbon lifestyles?

2. What does the future look like?

In a postcard from the future, can you describe this new world? Can you draw it? Be imaginative, positive and experimental. Think about food, travel, school, work, communities, nature. How can we change things for the better?

3. Send it!

Though going to the post office is tricky at the moment, we would love to hear from future you! How about taking a photo and tagging CAT in so we can collect all the stories?

To share a picture of your postcard, post it on CAT’s facebook page or tag @centreforalternativetechnology on instagram. #CATatHome

Wish you were here!


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