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Segment.Earth: Providing flexible solutions for emerging miners

Segment.Earth brings partners together, such as MET63, to deliver engineered solutions and operational capabilities collaboratively.

MIP Process Technologies: Solutions for process challenges

MIP Process Technologies has a team of experienced engineers who are experts in the design, manufacture, and supply of process equipment.

METC Engineering: Experience and technology drive success

METC Engineering has a track record in design, construction and commissioning of various metals and minerals processing plants across Africa.

New plant design emphasises importance of transfer chute systems

“Our clients recognise what Weba Chute Systems brings to the table and this is why they get us involved incredibly early in a project."

BME initiative benefits Northern Cape economy

BME is not merely fostering growth within a single beneficiary but sowing seeds for broader socio-economic prosperity in the region.

Multotec: learnership programme – commitment to a greater cause

Multotec has invested R31 million in the programme with 474 learners passing through its doors since its inception.

Three ways to empower mining SMMEs in South Africa

Ukwazi has established a black women in mining initiative comprising the company’s own black female mining engineers in South Africa.

Fraser Alexander: Investing in people to uplift the economy

Fraser Alexander provides outsourced services and related infrastructure to move, manage and add value to minerals, waste, and water.

Canyon Coal: A roadmap for mutual economic development

Canyon Coal subscribes to a culture of adding value by creating opportunities for local individuals and enterprises in which it operates.

B2Gold: A significant contributor to Namibia’s economy

B2Gold develops resources in a way that creates socioeconomic development and shares economic benefits with affected stakeholders.