Features & Analysis

Mining in South Africa: Adapt to thrive

Mining in South Africa: Despite a drop in profits, mining companies are progressing positively by investing in their future operations.


Solidarity Movement: Keep South Africa in AGOA; take a stance against government

The Solidarity Movement says it is important that American politicians take a stand on South Africa’s foreign policy.

The energy loom: Crafting Africa’s green transition with precision

To create a green transition countries must establish metering infrastructures to develop a understanding of the real-time energy needs.

Will China’s recovery boost commodity prices?

A recent report states that commodity prices, including oil and metals, are likely to remain range-bound in the second half of 2023.

Financing to fast-track Africa’s renewable energy sector

As Africa confronts its energy challenges, the potential for renewable energy to provide a sustainable solution becomes increasingly evident.

A distinct coup in Gabon

Concern remains in Gabon around a prolonged period of military rule. The CTRI is yet to commit to a specific timetable for the transition.

Africa Down Under EXCLUSIVE: Africa must capitalise on critical minerals value chain

“Africa is endowed with minerals and should account for the largest share of global production." - Mzila Mthenjane | Africa Down Under