Segment.Earth: Providing flexible solutions for emerging miners

Segment.Earth brings partners together, such as MET63, to deliver engineered solutions and operational capabilities collaboratively.


Omitiomire: Omico Mining revives copper project in Namibia

If Omico can get Omitiomire up and running, it will be a welcome development for Namibia which has seen its copper mining decline.

Andrada’s UIS tin mine evolves into tech metals producer

With the Uis tin mine now running at its Phase 1 capacity, 2023 is shaping up to be a transformational year for Andrada.

Copper 360: Reviving a historic mining district

Copper 360 has an annualised copper production of 8 000 tonnes expected within months and 15 000 tonnes within three years.

Babcock hits the bull’s eye with BULL equipment

This collaboration brings together the expertise of Babcock in heavy equipment distribution and the reputation of Bull as a leading brand.

Carl Hamm: Turnkey pipes, pumps and dewatering solutions

Carl Hamm Pipes Pumps Solutions provides businesses in the mining industries with specialised pumps and pipes.
Murray & Roberts Cementation

Murray & Roberts Cementation: New MD’s broader vision for South Africa

Murray & Roberts Cementation has a strong footprint. It has completed raise-bore drilling projects in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia and Namibia.