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Segment.Earth: Providing flexible solutions for emerging miners

Mining services companies, Segment.Earth and MET63 are sister companies that share a business ideology based on service integration, providing emerging miners with unique solutions for specific services required – from design of concept through to implementation, operation and commodity sales.

Segment.Earth CEO, RENIRA REDDY and MET63 MD, ADELE O’CALLAGHAN speak to TARREN BOLTON about the companies’ collaboration in providing fit-for-purpose solutions to the mining industry.

The two companies operate synergistically to unlock value for their clients. MET63 is a boutique engineering and consulting firm specialising in hydrometallurgical projects, providing customised engineering solutions that prioritise cost-effectiveness and improved operational efficiencies. Segment.Earth is a mining services company that offers flexible operational solutions to support emerging miners.

Segment.Earth | Bespoke solutions for emerging mining companies

Segment.Earth acknowledges how hard it can be for new mining companies to access credible commercial, financial, technical, and operational expertise and has developed bespoke, holistic, and flexible models to assist clients with their pain points. Segment.Earth brings the best-in-class partners together, such as MET63, to deliver engineered solutions and operational capabilities collaboratively.

“Our core capability is to develop, operate and trade. This unique model is key to de-risking projects and especially for unlocking investment for smaller projects with the security of a viable off taker,” says Renira Reddy, Segment.Earth CEO.

Revolutionary mining solutions

From minerals, materials and chemical processing to beneficiation and a focus on design, construction, and optimisation, MET63’s innovative engineered solutions help unlock the full potential of mining projects, through offering bespoke mining solutions that maximise production efficiency and drive success.

Its comprehensive range of services including battery-grade materials processing, specialised metallurgical services, process plant optimisation and audit, rapid modular plant development, as well as groundbreaking processing technologies, equips MET63 with the expertise to meet clients’ specific needs.

Innovative design, improved optimisation capabilities

From mobile and modular plant designs to streamlined processes, mining operations are designed for maximum productivity.

Adele O’Callaghan, MD of Met63 says, “Our experienced engineers provide comprehensive operational support to enhance plant performance and drive continuous improvement.” Through advanced technologies and data-driven insights, the company helps identify opportunities for optimisation, implement strategies for increased efficiency, and ensure that operations are running at peak performance.

Segment.Earth | Transforming challenges into success

Case study 1 | Wastewater treatment plant

Challenge: A South African producer wanted to optimise its wastewater treatment plant to ensure sustainable water usage by treating mining wastewater and runoff to prevent pollution of valuable water sources.

MET63 designed, constructed and operated a soluble base metals recovery facility for removing Nickel from water using lime precipitation.

The result was successful in overcoming lime blockages and achieved the desired purity level through innovative solutions, contributing to responsible water management.

Case study 2 | Novel titaniferous magnetite hydrometallurgical processing

Challenge: Processing titaniferous magnetite economically and environmentally due to its dense structure and difficulties in separating iron and titanium. MET63 designed and commissioned a 40kg/hour demonstration plant with a chloride-based hydrometallurgical process, including crystallisation and reagent recycling.

The result was successful extraction of the first crystals, demonstrating the novel process’s viability for economically producing saleable byproducts.

“Innovation is a core value of our business, and we are always looking for smarter ways to deliver our projects. This includes designing and developing our own processing technologies backed up by systems to provide remote expert insight into production processes,” concludes Reddy.