Industry Insight

Vedanta’s Black Mountain Mining office achieves Net Zero rating

Environmental responsibility is a high priority for mines, to ensure that their operations are sustainable and kinder to the environment


Deep seabed mining insights: understanding the International Seabed Authority

The coming 12 to 18 months will be critical to the development of deep seabed mining industry and the regulatory regime that undergirds it.

Chasing net zero: mind the Reality Gap

"There is going to be an existential truth that the globe needs to face - are we to destroy parts of our planet to protect the remainder?”

Competition intensifies for Africa’s critical minerals

Africa is increasingly the site of competition between China and Western nations, all of which are vying for control over critical minerals.

Africa grappling with energy transition

Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Kenya, Namibia and South Africa are best positioned to adapt to socioeconomic shifts caused by energy transition.

Collaborate, incubate, accelerate: Speeding mining innovation for greater value

Collaborative mining innovation does not come easily to an industry that is characterized primarily by capital-intensive, long-life assets.

Driving down embodied carbon in metals: Supporting decarbonization of economies

Decarbonization of end products must happen soon. Solutions must be developed, optimized, and scaled in the next few years.