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Digital hand-held gas monitoring systems: Your path to safer operations

MineARC’s Aura-PT provides underground personnel with the ability to continuously monitor up to six gases within their immediate surroundings. The Aura-PT has been specifically engineered to suit industrial environments in its robust and compact design, making it a reliable tool at all times.

Available in 2, 4 and 6 gas units the Aura-PT boasts a clear intuitive digital interface that prompts visual and vibration alerts when dangerous gas levels are reached. Each unit is engineered to detect multiple gases specified with the relevant sensors in place. This method of gas monitoring greatly reduces the risk of human error and provides a fully reliable solution.

The Aura-PT ensures that personnel are instantly aware of increasing gas levels during an emergency, when used with MineARC’s GuardIAN Intelligence Network, Aura-PT automatically communicates dangerous gas levels back to the GuardIAN Server via adjacent GuardIAN Nodes.

The Aura-PT Handheld Gas Detector has the following key features:

  • Monitors up to six gases at any given time, with visual and vibration alerts.
  • Intuitive digital display.
  • Dedicated, reliable sensors specific for use in industrial environments.
  • Reduced calibration and replacement costs.
  • Removable belt clip for easy handling.
  • Automatically feeds gas readings through to MineARC’s GuardIAN Dashboard via the closest GuardIAN Node.
  • Triggers visual alerts on surrounding GuardIAN Nodes in the event of dangerous gas levels.

In underground mining, the Aura-PT handheld gas detector can also be used as a redundancy during re-entry of the mine, allowing personnel to monitor gas levels easily and accurately as they drive back down the decline.

MineARC is currently offering a “SiriUS-ly good deal” on all Aura-PT units. With the purchase of every Aura-PT Hand-held Gas Detector MineARC will include a FREE SiriUS Corded or Cordless Cap Lamp.  

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