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Positive result in Lulo Kimberlite bulk sample

Lucapa Diamond Company and its Lulo Kimberlite Exploration JV Partners, Endiama and Rosas & Petalas have provided a primary source exploration update.

Seven samples have been processed since the last update, from three kimberlite targets across the Lulo concession.

The best result was from approximately 1,460 m3 of material from Kimberlite L440. The sample recovered 8 diamonds with the largest weighing 2.04 carats.

Earlier this year Lucapa, Endiama and Rosas & Petalas, recovered a 180 carat white Type IIa diamond from the Lulo Alluvial Mine in Angola. The diamond which weighs 180.87 is classified by the Yehuda meter as Type IIa and is the 37th +100 carat diamond to be recovered from the alluvial mine.

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The diamond, which was recovered on 30 June 2023, is the second +100 carat diamond recovered this year, following a 150 carat white Type IIa diamond which was recovered in February 2023. The mine lies in Angola’s diamond heartland of Lunda Norte, 630 km east of the capital, Luanda. The 3000 km2 concession is one of the world’s most prolific alluvial diamond fields.

Commercial production at the alluvial mine commenced in 2015 through the alluvial mining company Sociedade Mineira Do Lulo (SML).  SML is a partnership between Lucapa Diamonds (40%) and Angola’s Endiama (32%) and private Angolan company Rosas & Petalas (28%). Lulo regularly produces large, premium Type IIa diamonds. To date, more than 35 +100 carat diamonds have been recovered from Lulo.

This 150 carat Type IIa white diamond was recovered in February at the Lulo Alluvial Mine in Angola. It was recovered from Mining Block 28, which has produced four other +100 diamonds. This is the 36th +100 carat diamond to be recovered from Lulo since commercial operations began. The big diamond was classified by the Yehuda colormeter as a D-colour, white, Type IIa diamond.