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Exploring Geological Modelling with Micromine: What, Where Why

Have you ever wondered how geological modelling can revolutionise your exploration and mining projects? Join us in this enlightening video as we delve into the “What, Where, and Whys” of geological modelling using Micromine software.

What is Geological Modelling: Uncover the fundamentals of geological modelling and understand how it allows you to visualise and interpret complex geological data in a 3D environment.

Where to Begin: Discover the key steps in starting your geological modelling journey. From data acquisition to structural analysis, learn how to seamlessly integrate different datasets for a comprehensive understanding of your deposit.

Why Geological Modelling Matters: Explore the invaluable benefits of geological modelling. From accurate resource estimation to optimising mine planning, understand how this process enhances decision-making, mitigates risks, and maximises operational efficiency.

Whether you’re a seasoned geologist or new to the field, this video will provide you with essential insights into harnessing the power of Micromine for geological modelling. Join us on this exploration – click here and dive into the world of transformative geological insights!


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