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Draw your zero carbon view

Draw your zero carbon view

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Life through your window: draw your view of a zero carbon world

Over the last year, our lives and the world outside have changed quite a bit. Could this be our opportunity to imagine a greener, healthier, zero carbon world?

We can all make green choices at home which is fantastic, but if we are to reduce the effects of climate change, we need a big, world-sized plan.

Choose a window in your home. What can you see? If you reimagined that view in a eco future, what would it look like? How would it be different? What would stay the same?

Can you draw your exciting new view and share it with us?


  • A window
  • Paper
  • Pens/coloured pencils/paints/any art materials you have


1. Find your window view

Take a walk around your home and look out of each window. Does one have a more interesting view than the others? Is there a tree, a park, another house that you can see? Can you easily see out of it when you’re sitting comfortably?

2. Frame your work

Looking out of a window gives your work a ready-made frame and makes your view very unique to you. Start your drawing by looking at your window frame. What is the frame made from? Are there curtains or a blind? Draw your unique window frame around the edge of your piece of paper. Think about colour, texture and 3D shape.

3. Imagine a new world

Now take a close look at what you can see through your window. Could any of the things you can see be affected by climate change? Now imagine what your view might look like in a zero carbon world and how they might have changed for better or for worse. We’ve suggested a few things to think about below but let you imagination go wild to create an exciting, positive and healthy new world.

  • Food – Are people growing food locally at home or as a community? What is it packaged in?
  • Travel – How are people getting to work, school and to see their friends and families? Are they using green energy electric cars, cycling, walking or something else entirely?
  • Holidays – where are people going on holiday and how are they getting there?
  • Homes – What does our homes and other buildings look like? Where does their energy come from? How are the heated?
  • Nature – What does our natural spaces look like? Are there more of them? Are our cities greener? Are our natural habitats healthier, stronger and more diverse?

4. Draw your zero carbon view

Now it is time to put pencil to paper and draw your exciting new zero carbon view.

5. Share your designs with us

We would really love to see your vision of a sustainable future! Why not take a photo of your picture and post it on CAT’s facebook page or tag @centreforalternativetechnology #CATatHome.

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