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Webinar Recording: The Connected Mine – Accelerating Technology Adoption for Sustainable Mining

This webinar will showcase how automation solutions for the mining industry can help increase operational efficiency

Trimble announces advanced path planning technology

End users and equipment manufacturers are able to optimize and automate the trajectory, speed and overall path design of industrial equipment

Deep Insights #49 A recap of SA Mining in 2022

Mining and labour analyst Mamokgethi Molopyane takes a recap of the year 2022 in the South African mining landscape.

Recording: Exploring tech solutions – Power and Mining

What the different tech solutions are available to the modern mine to sort out its energy needs?

SPECIAL REPORT: Are jobs safe? Mining Industry on New-Tech adoption

Mining Review Africa takes a look at how the mining industry can adopt new advanced technology, without compromising jobs.

Mining Indaba VIDEO: Autonomous vehicles – Is Africa ready?

Is the African mining sector is ready to adopt the use of automated vehicles on a bigger scale?

Robotics and LiDAR combine to unlock exploration potential

Two highly advanced pieces of equipment are set to boldly go where no man has gone before.

XR technology masterclass: Mining and education combo

Exxaro has partnered with the University of Pretoria to create a research programme that will help drive sustainable and safer mining.

The future of mining: How do we ensure technology is embraced?

As mines across mature and drilling becomes harder, technology will extend mine life by enabling existing resources to be maximised.

Mining Elites in Africa 2021: Putting technology to work

Digital technology enhances planning and monitoring, making for safer and more efficient operations.