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Carl Hamm: Turnkey pipes, pumps and dewatering solutions

Carl Hamm Pipes Pumps Solutions are experts in piping with a product range that focuses on water, wastewater, tunnel construction and well sinking as well as open-pit and underground mining.

Carl Hamm Pipes Pumps Solutions CEO, CHRIS MUNNICK chats to TARREN BOLTON about the company’s turnkey products, services, and innovative solutions for critical on-site mining operations.

Carl Hamm Pipes Pumps Solutions provides businesses in the mining industries with specialised pumps and pipes – offering solutions to even the most challenging industry-related pipeline construction challenges.

Carl Hamm Pipes Pumps Solutions and its industry partners offer solutions for drilling, well construction, borehole sinking and geotechnic divisions through a product portfolio that offers pipes in many different materials and designs including pipe connections, fittings, and specialised coatings.

Carl Hamm Pipes Pumps Solutions: turnkey dewatering solutions
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A subsidiary of Carl Hamm GmbH in Germany, and with 90 years mining industry experience, Carl Hamm Pipes Pumps Solutions offers a turnkey supply and installation solution as a one-stop shop that delivers cost savings by offering the full range of specialist services through their abstraction of acid mine drainage (AMD), pumps, drilling, and pipelines, well construction, borehole sinking system integration and free hanging ZSM pipe systems.

With extensive expertise in deep well and flooded mine dewatering applications, their modern production equipment, highly competent personnel, extensive training, and advanced support technologies has positioned Carl Hamm Pipes Pumps Solutions, as the preferred piping partner for leading industries worldwide. The company’s vast experience in water management secures its reputation as a competent partner in abstraction and drainage projects.

“Our highly-trained staff offer the know-how, ingenuity and advanced fabrication equipment to help clients master current and future challenges – on time, within budget and compliant with international industry standards,” says Chris Munnick, CEO, Carl Hamm Pipes Pumps Solutions.

ZSM flangeless Hi Pressure vertically assembled couplings

The innovative tight sleeve connection – ZSM – is an axial non-positive and detachable pipe connection that is used as a vertical riser pipe in open pit and underground mines as well as in deep wells.

“Carl Hamm Pipes Pumps Solutions’s patent-protected tight sleeve system is a unique alternative to other conventional connection systems due to its quick and easy assembly/disassembly and space-saving design. All of this ensures considerable cost savings through the whole life cycle,” says Munnick.

Carl Hamm Pipes Pumps Solutions’ ZSM flangeless couplings are specially made for vertical suspended applications (such as dewatering of flooded mines and retrofitting new columns).

The ZSM system is used to suspend pumps and dewatering from surface, so there is no need to enter the mine. Carl Hamm Pipes Pumps Solutions provides complete turnkey solutions from pump to motor including electrical switch gear and variable speed drives. Power Generation and E-House infrastructure can be included in the scope of supply.

Launched in 1992 as a simple, quick, tight connection, the ZSM Connection was initially used as a lost casing in well sinking. The potential of this connection was recognised in the mid-1990s and it was developed further with the objective to create a medium-carrying, axially load-bearing, quick-to-install system with detachable connections.

The results have revolutionised well operations and the ZSM Connection – based on its technical success – was further developed for use underground.

ZSM in underground mining

The ZSM Connection excels in its advantages of time-saving assembly and disassembly, leading to cost effectiveness, especially when used with high-performance submersible pumps. In confined installation situations the low installation dimensions of the ZSM Technology allow optimised pipe diameters.

In addition, the easy disassembly of the pipes allows a pump to be changed quickly and downtimes due to maintenance and repairs are reduced to a minimum.

ZSM in deep-well sinking

The ZSM Technology has been used for more than 20 years in German brown coal open-pit mining to manage the groundwater level.

The advantages of the ZSM-connection are especially emphasised in well galleries with a high number of interconnected wells. Frequent pump changes – due to high solids content of the pumped medium and the moving open-pit – can be executed much faster because of extremely short assembly and disassembly times.

The low installation dimensions of the connection allow higher pipe diameters which achieves lower velocity at the same pump capacity by enlarging the system efficiency. This also ensures a substantial extension of the service life of a pipeline and the pump used.

The ZSM Technology is also extremely popular for applications in irrigation projects with deep wells, especially due to the advantage of the low installation dimensions and short installation time and its subsequent benefits.

Holistic service offering and one-stop-shop

To offer optimum solutions, CHPPS supplies ready-to-install ZSM pipelines to ensure support to customers in all phases of their projects. Services include budget planning; planning of a pipeline including all components required; static calculations; preparation of the overview and detailed drawings; design of the ZSM Components on the basis of the specific requirements; destructive tensile testing of the ZSM Components; and professional production of the complete pipeline using the in-house process – according to the specific manufacturing and test sequence plan.

Carl Hamm Pipes Pumps Solutions produces ZSM pipelines made of carbon steels, stainless steels and duplex steels and offers inside and outside coating systems, non-destructive tests of the welds, worldwide shipment, and support during assembly.

Competence, experience, innovative thinking, modern manufacturing plants and motivated employees form the basis of Carl Hamm Pipes Pumps Solutions services, which are well-equipped to meet the requirements of the future.

“Numerous certifications and technical approvals ensure that we serve our customers with the highest quality standards throughout project phases and through to completion.

As a competent partner we ensure an added value for specific customer needs, from the conceptual planning to professional production and punctual delivery,” adds Munnick.