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UMS: Engineering & technologies that span the mining value chain

As a multi-disciplinary specialist underground mining and metallurgical processing services company with 60 years of institutional knowledge and extensive project expertise, United Mining Services (UMS) Group capitalises on its experience, intellectual resources, high-tech digital solutions, and equipment to provide the best economical and holistic solution for its clients. TARREN BOLTON reports.

With a vast library of sinking knowledge and experience built up across 250 mining and shaft projects undertaken globally, 170 km of vertical shafts sunk and over 35 km of incline and decline shafts sunk, UMS Group has evolved into a pre-eminent global player in the mining field, able to take projects of virtually any size from concept right through to commissioning.

UMS draws on expertise from its multi-disciplinary businesses and combines the extensive engineering and consulting ability of the UMS engineering as well as the UMS contracting businesses to complement clients’ technical teams’ short- and long-term requirements. Through their full suite offering, UMS can complete early engineering and procurement concurrently to ensure reduced timelines on long-lead time items.

Robert Hull, COO, says, “UMS adds true value through close collaboration with our clients across all stages of a project, from the front end engineering through to providing equipment and completing construction, equipping, and commissioning. In short, drastically decreasing the time to first production compared to other projects.”

Murray Macnab, Group Executive Technical Director, adds, “Our unique skills set enables us to do the engineering, design, costing and scheduling from an actual contractor who then executes the designs and allows for seamless integration between the project phases, giving greater cost and schedule accuracy and ultimately reducing risk for clients.”

UMS Group investing in equipment

As part of their holistic service offering, UMS has invested substantially in building a large suite of equipment that can be quickly made available for use during a project.

Because UMS has the winder (and associated equipment) capability to undertake any sinking project at short notice, this helps clients reduce project costs and project execution time frames, meaning they can start mining production much faster.

“Our clients are realising the benefits of using refurbished machines, as it can be much more cost effective and save them up to two years on the lead time for equipment,” says Macnab.

Bringing high-tech digital solutions to mining

UMS has also ramped up its investment in technology through a recent partnership with 1 Worx, a specialist digital know-how company in the fields of IIOT and AR. The new company, now known as UMS 1Worx, will see cutting-edge technology applied to the conceptualisation, design, construction and operational management of mining projects and mining operations, which represents a step-change for mining.

‘Intelligence’ can now be built into complex operations such as shaft sinking and the technology available from UMS 1Worx brings the ‘Smart Mine’ concept a step closer to reality and has the potential to transform the way the mining industry works.