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Mining in Nigeria: Challenges, opportunities, and prospects

Mining in Nigeria | The government has taken steps to attract investments by revising policies and creating incentives for investors.

Raw Material Radar will integrate blockchain and IoT to improve ASM

The Raw Material Radar Consortium aims at promoting fairer and responsible ASM mining practices in Liberia and Western Africa.

Glencore supports World Day against Child Labour

Glencore is working to address socio-economic roots that lead to child labour through education and sustainable livelihood programmes.

Mining in the DRC: The backbone of economic growth

Mining in the DRC has a role to play in the decarbonisation of the global economy, as one of the world’s largest producers of green metals.

Agenda Item: ASM – Giving a voice to this vital sector

The informal nature of ASM means that alongside the economic benefits it brings, it comes laden with risks to people and the environment.

New commission launched to raise mining sustainability

As miners scale production to meet demand, they must do so responsibly and without harm to communities and the environment.

Work begins at artisanal gold project in Tanzania

This is an new location for artisanal activity. Grab samples retrieved from these workings at the location have returned excellent grades.

ANALYSIS: Coal communities and the Just Energy Transition Investment Plan

Given the amount of evaluated investment outlined for Mpumalanga coal communities one can conclude that this task is not of high importance.

EXCLUSIVE: Poor ESG compliance drives investment intervention

CEOs, government ministers and key stakeholders are invited by institutional investors to a Global Tailings Summit on 24 January 2023.

How to improve relations between miners and communities

Poor management of disputes between communities, government and mining entities has cost the industry its reputation amongst social partners.